Thanks to our system, you can devote full attention to your patients alone

leave any worries about the software to us, as we will gladly provide a solution for you

We do not want physicians to be involved in administration, billing, software updates or data backups. We are able to do everything that has been mentioned and more for you.  This will enable you to devote more attention to what is most important, which is health. FONS Galen provides the clear and intuitive administration of card indexes for the overall simplification of administration. Thanks to the fully-secure cloud system, you can access your data from anywhere. You will learn how to work with our system in just three days. Try it out now. Learn about the greatest benefits of the FONS Galen solution and read references from various different types of medical facilities.

Out-patient facilities

FONS Galen is a comprehensive software product for general practitioners’ and specialists’ out-patient care facilities. It uses modern technology, and it is also easy to control in an intuitive manner. As an authorised suer, you can access your data from your office or from home.


FONS galen simplifies standard administrative work for small and large clinics. It offers practical functions for medical personnel and a constant overview of all economic indicators for clinic management.


FONS Galen is for companies too. The module of the work medical services ensures ordering of mandatory check-ups for staff. It also resolves the contractual relationship with facility and individual output protocols and invoices. The system makes it possible to monitor check-ups and ordering of appointments with doctors directly at their offices.


FONS is among the most modern hospital information systems on the Central European market supporting full paperless operations in healthcare facilities. The state-of-the-art design of the user interface using the latest available technology makes the control process intuitive and simple for all users. (For more information visit

Zařízení sociálních služeb

FONS Galen offers a separate environment for homes with their own regime. This involves a focus on social and nursing care for ill clients. This is currently the only system in Central Europe that supports medical and nursing care.


Most of us already regularly shop online and use smart phones and tablets. FONS Galen enables better communication between doctors and patients. With the help of the web application, you can use online services after logging in.

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