Do you pay needlessly for standard modules?

reserve more time for your patients and all IT activities, and our professional team of associates will handle the reporting for insurers

Our company’s price policy guarantees price stability. No standard modules, such as loading of lab results, sending of billing calculations to health insurers’ portals, etc. are subject to any charges. The only charged modules are those where information depends on third parties (such as medication interactions).

Cost savings

• System performance is taken over by our servers, and so it is not necessary for you to have your own servers for the running of the system and its backup.
• User stations contain only a client application for access to data.
• Updates, administration and back-up of the system and your data is done centrally for you.
• Save on electricity costs and on a professional IT administrator.
• You do not need to resolve server licence renewal or annual costs for hardware service.

“The program contains multifunctional options for access from various PCs, and this ensures problem-free access from all workplaces where our doctors work. I chose FONS Galen because of the option to work with a cloud repository, which seemed to me to be a safe and secure option, which has a future. Thanks to this solution, I do not have to worry about data in the event of malfunctions or the destruction of final phase data.”

Dr Martin Vašák and Dr Božena Vašáková, Ophthalmology Clinic, ENT clinic, issuer of hearing aids of Opava Medica s.r.o.

Ceník FONS Galen

The specified price list is valid for small facilities (max. 5 licences). In other situations, please contact the sales department..

Price for implementation and provision of FONS Galen user accesses

Acquisition of service Monthly payment
GALEN GP surgery – main user access (doctor) CZK 19,965.00 CZK 726.00
GALEN GP surgery – additional user access (nurse, doctor) CZK 7,260.00 CZK 242.00

Additional services of the Galen IS

Acquisition of service Monthly payment
Drug interaction (1 user) CZK 0.00 CZK 203.00
Internet ordering (1 workplace) CZK 0.00 CZK 242.00
OMS – occupational medical service (1 workplace) CZK 0.00 CZK 242.00
Billing of doses (comprehensive services for billing doses for medical insurance companies, creation of remedial doses/month) CZK 0.00 CZK 1,210.00
Sending of text message notification (1 text message) CZK 1.50
Consultation help at the workplace or service work at the workplace of a doctor (for each hour that begins) CZK 1,089.00
User training at customer’s place of business – maximum of 10 attendees (+ travel costs) CZK 1,815.00
User training by remote administration CZK 1,089.00
Administrative charge for transfer of FONS GALEN access to other entity CZK 1,210.00
 Transfer of data from current software to FONS Galen CZK 4,840.00

The above prices include VAT

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