Even as a patient, you can have an overview of when you should appear for a check-up, regular examinations or vaccination

the system will also enable you to make a doctor’s appointment online

The FONS Galen information system enables better communication between doctors and patients. After properly creating a log-in account, the patient will have access to the following functions:

  • An overview of the clinic hours of your treating physicians
  • Web ordering with an e-mail confirmation of the order
  • An overview of selected records from medical documentation (prescribed medications, vaccinations, measuring of laboratory results, etc.), if your treating physician allows this
  • From FONS Galen, a doctor can contact a patient via sms or e-mail (an invitation to a check-up, an examination, vaccination, etc…)
  • Access to the application is ensured for patients by the treating physician in the event that this service is used.

If you want to register for the system, please contact your treating physician, who will generate your log-in details.

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