FONS Galen is a comprehensive software product for general practitioners’ and specialists’ out-patient care facilities

It uses modern technology and it is also easy to control in an intuitive manner. An authorised user can access data from the office or from home.

Thanks to automatic program updates in just a few seconds and uploading of new code lists without waiting, you can devote full attention to your work rather than to IT issues. FONS Galen offers a clear module for the administration of billed care for insurers, including the option of document correction. This will enable the easy handling of the program, intuitiveness and clarity, along with large fonts.

The FONS Galen program is a major benefit for our out-patient care facility. For as long as I have been using it, my approach to work has positively changed since I have more time for my patients. I selected FONS Galen based on experience with the Praktit program, and I see the most benefit in the new program’s ease of use and clarity.

Dr Petr Kos, General Practitioner at Osová Bítýška and Velké Pavlovice out-patient care facilities

More information

  • Clear, colourful resolution of data in the index card (e.g. Registered patients in blue, unregistered patients in red, newly registered patients in green)
  • A sophisticated system of records of preventive check-ups
  • A comprehensive system for recording work-related medical services (PLS) and above-standard care, including records of PLS contract parameters and billing for provided work-related check-ups.
  • An expert system of vaccination including a calendar and automatic reporting of medical facilities (PL and PLDD) for insurers.
  • A system of records of check-ups combined with a planning module
  • e.g. gynaecology: pregnancy records, including pregnancy check-ups
  • Connection with ultrasound
  • A calendar with the option of defining own events with the option of adding attachments

Additional services

Ensuring stable internet connectivity including back-up mobile connection.

Comprehensive service for ensuring billing for provided healthcare for insurers (transfer of money from insurers to the remittance account and a record of billing done directly in the program) – the user does not have to worry about anything other than regular reporting of medical care during a visit.

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