STAPRO s.r.o. is a major supplier of information systems

and a provider of IT services of the healthcare industry

FONS Enterprise is the most comprehensive system on the market with full support for processes, high accessibility and extractability of all recorded information, and it includes support for management of care quality. The state of the art design of the user interface, the latest available technology and the original internal architecture of the system kernel all ensure simplicity, security, flexibility and development potential for the future. It fully supports paperless operations and the maximum sharing of information regarding healthcare.

FONS Enterprise

“The individual approach of Stapro during adjustments of the operated information systems and their mutual communication significantly assists the effective support for electronic treatment processes in our specific institute.”

prof. Dr Jan ŽALOUDÍK, CSc., Director of the Masaryk Oncology Institute

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We create software for all areas of healthcare, including medical (hospital information systems, laboratory systems) and non-medical (management information systems, catering systems, warehouse logistics and much more). We provide comprehensive solutions based on our own products complemented with all related services, including long-term support and the outsourcing of healthcare information systems. Our systems not only simplify and improve the effectiveness of work for physicians, nurses and the management of healthcare facilities, but they also ensure greater safety for patients. Our expert consultation services enable care providers to effectively check the quality of reporting and to maintain effective contractual relations with health insurers. We have a long-term focus on the digitisation of healthcare and safe sharing of healthcare documentation between individual healthcare participants.

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