E-prescriptions are the future for the selection of medications

The State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) is preparing an exact specification of the new eRecept information system. It is expected to be launched within approximately one year, and the State Institute for Drug Control will propose the conditions and parameters based on which the programmers will create the software.

It is expected to become possible to determine from the system, for example, where a patient has picked up medication and which medications. This would give physicians a much more extensive overview of details regarding their patients, and this would enable them to check more easily whether they have picked up the prescribed medication or whether the pharmacy has issued alternative medication.
STAPRO s. r. o. currently offers an eRecept system that knows how to communicate with the Central Repository of the State Institute for Drug Control and the System of Electronic Prescriptions (SEP) via the hospital information system.

The new system complying with the State Institute for Drug Control rules will be secure as far as the protection of confidential information is concerned, and this will speed up and simplify communication between all of the system’s users (pharmacies, physicians, health insurers, patients, etc.).

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