Do you need to make appointments for your staff for regular medical check-ups?

FONS Galen is for companies too!

FONS Galen is not only for medical facilities, but for companies as well. The module of the work medical services ensures the ordering of mandatory check-ups for staff. It also resolves the contractual relationship with the facility and individual output protocols and invoices. The system enables the monitoring of check-ups and ordering of appointments in an easy-to-read calendar. The physician can easily send invoices and reports to the company via the program.

“The main advantage is that documentation can be kept only in electronic form. Each employee may amend his work schedule. We consider the program to be intuitive. Defined procedures contracted by the insurer enable accurate reporting with practically no errors. An ideal solution is the online verification of valid health insurance. The sending of benefits is very easy and takes up a minimum amount of time. All of the benefits of the FONS Galen program together leave more time available for focusing on patients’ needs. The greatest benefit is easy communication with insurers, electronic-only maintenance of documentation and quality support from the program authors.”

Dr Petr Klézl, Urology Out-patient Clinic, Urologie Ukrajinská s.r.o.

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