FONS galen simplifies standard administrative work for small and large clinics

it offers practical functions for medical personnel and a constant overview of all economic indicators for clinic management

For clinics, we offer FONS Galen, which can be adapted through its settings for work at a small or large clinic. A major emphasis is placed on work ergonomics – while recording the examination of the patient, the physician sees everything necessary on a single screen. An important part of the system is a comprehensive ordering system, which makes it possible to simply and clearly make appointments for patients for required treatments. It is possible to work with the orders of patients or external physicians.

“We have replaced a relatively proprietary out-patient care system. The speed and cost of implementation and the option of maintaining full electronic communication with the laboratories was decisive. This was a success, so the main benefit of the FONS Galen program was the painless separation of the doctor’s office from the laboratory. The programme also works very well in electronic ordering. An important factor for implementation was the flexibility in electronic communication and reasonable implementation costs.”

Ing. Pavel Třeboňák, IT Manager at AeskuLab

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The software enables secure access to data even from detached workplaces and/or from anywhere in the world where there is internet access. Therefore, management members can gain an overview of their employees’ activities whenever the need arises.

The program supports the mass sending of batches for all workplaces to health insurers’ portals, including that of the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (VZP). This enables automatic data backups, and program updates also run automatically in just tens of seconds, without the need for either the user or the IT administrator to intervene. The program will let you concentrate on your work and will not delay you with updating tasks.

Your purchase of the program will be just the beginning of our cooperation. We provide assistance both in the form of remote support and through a visit by our employee directly at the selected workplace. We are able to outsource other services, such as billing for insurers, arranging electronic certificates, statistics of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, etc. We do not desire only to be a software solution supplier, but a long-term partner as well. Close cooperation with our clients will also enable us to innovate the program constantly, based precisely on client needs. And that makes us happy.

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