FONS Galen is the only system on the market that does not have any menu, because it does not need one

It is an excellent solution due to its user friendliness. All functions and information are very intuitively and quickly accessible

Multiple workplaces Billing and economic overviews at all workplaces can also be monitored from home or while on holiday. No IT No waiting for updates to applications and code lists, as everything works so fast that the user does not even know about it. Laboratories Loading of laboratory results is entirely automatic, without the need to install a transfer client. Sending of electronic requests to the laboratory. Billing Sending to the portals of all health insurers. Automatic control mechanisms - verification of coverage validity and affiliation with insurers. Security A very high level of security and a great emphasis on personal data protection. More details can be found in the security section. Representation A substituting physician has an overview of a patient’s medical history, medications, allergies, etc. New records are also transferred to the substitute physician's information system. Vaccination A comprehensive vaccination module, which combines a vaccination guide with reporting for health insurers and storage management. Work-related medical services A simple tool for physicians providing work-related medical services. Comprehensive options for setting up contracts with companies. eRecept Support for electronic prescriptions (eRecept). Tablet Support for touchscreen control for use on tablets, etc.

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