Complete out-patient software

for simplification of administrative work in the offices of general practitioners and specialists

FONS Galen was created as a transparent and intuitive tool for healthcare personnel and managers of health care facilities of all out-patient specialisations. Physicians no longer have to worry about safe data storage or back-ups, because all of this is ensured by FONS Galen in cooperation with the Microsoft Azure cloud. Thanks to central storage, the data is accessible from anywhere. Information about the patients’ medical conditions can be shared effectively with other physicians and, under the physician’s full control, the information can be made directly available to a patient. Galen includes a whole series of online services for patients and employees, such as online ordering, electronic communication with patients and potentially also remote monitoring.


reduction of time for checking and ensuring the quality of reporting


more treated patients in out-patient care facilities


of costs for back-ups and security

The biggest advantage of the FONS Galen program is online access, the option of invoicing from the office or from home, the option of immediately recording examinations or even house calls, etc. I certainly realise that the program takes less time to use than others, and so I have more time for my patients.

Dr Jaroslav Bartoš, Executive Officer of Lékař Teplice s.r.o.

STAPRO s.r.o. is a leading supplier of software and services for hospitals and other healthcare providers on Central European markets. Recent events which we appreciate include the merger with Tersinida CZ a.s., which has had many years of experience with designing software for healthcare environments. As a result we have gained a quality program for out-patient care facilities, and we would like to offer it so that it ensures not only standard administrative work in the doctor’s office, but also the fully-fledged electronic exchange of data (laboratories, state administration, the institute of Health Information and Statistics, health insurer websites, exchange of reports among doctors, etc.). An advantage of FONS Galen is the use of new technology and preparation for new touchscreen technologies (tablets, computers with touchscreen displays and smart phones).

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